April 15, 2024

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1,030-HP Mazda RX-10 Vision Is A Hydrogen-Powered Hypercar

The stunning Mazda RX-Vision was unveiled at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, giving us hope that the Japanese automaker will build a new rotary sports car one day as a successor to the RX-8. Sadly, that day still hasn’t come, which has prompted render artists to imagine what a new rotary-powered Mazda performance car could look like.

This latest design is the work of Maximilian Schneider, an exterior designer at Mitsubishi Motors Japan, who has designed a dramatic-looking Mazda hypercar concept. It’s called the Mazda RX-10 Vision Longtail, which is envisioned as a hydrogen-powered halo hypercar that could be used on the road or homologated for the race track to compete in the new Le Mans Hypercar class.