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turcat mery logotype


Turcat-Méry was a French automotive manufacturer from 1899 until 1928.

turcat mery logotype

Turcat Mery logotype

In 1895 Alphonse Méry of Marseille bought a Panhard et Levassor and a Peugeot. His younger brother Simon Méry and his brother in law Léon Turcat, both engineers, decided to improve on both models with their own design, a 2.6-litre, four-cylinder, five-speed car with electric ignition, radiators at each end of the engine and two speeds in reverse. Thus in 1899, when the car was ready for sale, they founded Turcat-Méry & Cie. They then established a partnership with Baron Adrien de Turckheim of the De Dietrich and Lorraine-Dietrich, and produced cars whose slogan was The Car of the Connoisseur.

Henri Rougier became the Paris agent and chief publicist for both Turcat-Méry and Lorraine-Dietrich which he achieved by a long and successful career in motor racing and rallying.

Turcat-Méry’s liaison with Lorraine-Dietrich lasted until the outbreak of World War I in 1914. Turcat-Méry ceased production in 1928.

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turcat mery logo.png

Turcat Mery logo.

turcat mery ho 14

1914 Turcat-Mery hood ornament. (source: ConceptCarz)

turcat mery ad 24

1924 Turcat Mery ad.

turcat mery ad 20 2

1920 Turcat Mery ad.

turcat mery ad 13 1

1913 Turcat Mery ad.

turcat mery ad 20 1

1920 Turcat Mery ad.