Some enterprising vehicle customizer discovered a way to graft the nose of an S197-technology Ford Mustang on to that of a initially-technology Explorer SUV, and to everyone’s surprise, the seem isn’t really 50 % bad.

Reddit user u/fifer253 uploaded images of the mashup to a group devoted to questionable automobile modifications, even though an previously set of photos built their way to Imgur 7 months back courtesy of user aamnesiac. Whilst redditors are occupied drawing parallels to that other Mustang SUV, we ought to say the Explorer-turned-pony automobile options some respectable craftsmanship. The Mustang’s entrance fenders had been likely shortened a little to in shape on to the Explorer’s human body structure, and the hoodline is elevated relative to the SUV to provide that muscle car–chic higher cowl.

All around the back, a custom made roll pan replaces the stock steel bumper with exhaust cutouts included into the sheetmetal. There’s also a 2nd set of taillights inverted underneath these of the frequent Explorer, incorporating some major Family members Truckster type.

The most egregious mistake on the part of the customizer was not centering the wheels inside of the entrance wheel arches, even though we’re pretty constructive we wouldn’t be ready to do any better. Even now, the offset entrance wheels are the most noticeable indicator that this is a home-developed SUV. Or else, the top quality of the get the job done is comprehensively respectable.

Some unattractive and tacky particulars distract from the customization get the job done, nevertheless. Plentiful – and poorly fitted – chrome trim resides on all of the window surrounds (as well as a single set of taillights). A tacky skidplate/brush bar combo guards the entrance bumper from junkyard dogs and unpleasant potholes. And the step bars beneath just about every door are unsightly and match neither the brush bar nor the rear roll pan. Jetzon Revenger tires show up on the black-painted, but if not stock, Explorer wheels. 

For these who do not want to shell out the believed base selling price of $43,895 for the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E, a custom made like this could be a single way to get a Mustang-ish SUV in the driveway. Having said that, as incredibly all right as this newly schnozzed Explorer seems to be, our dough would even now go toward the EV ‘Stang.