June 15, 2024

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2022 Ford Maverick With Bed Topper Revealed During Dealer Meeting

Ford is obtaining a dealer meeting in Dallas, and the function is giving an prospect to see the Maverick with a bed topper. The panel has an odd, bulbous shape that provides some curves to the back again of the pickup. The photos were being at first released by a user on the Maverick Truck Club forum, and Motor1.com had permission to use them.

The Maverick bed topper will come from the provider Snug Leading. The Sport variation has significant windows on the aspect that are capable of opening a couple of inches. Inside of, there is carpeting masking the walls and roof. An LED strip offers some gentle to illuminate the stuff within.

The Snug Leading Sport bed topper retails for $three,449. It is obtainable in Absolute Black, Alto Blue, Area fifty one, Cactus Gray, Carbonized Gray, Cyber Orange, Hot Pepper Crimson, Iconic Silver, Oxford White, and Velocity Blue.

For $three,029, there is the Snug Leading SnugPro Industrial. It will come in white and replaces the windows with good panels that open for additional security.

From the exterior, each of the toppers arch upward just immediately after the level it attaches to the roof. The back again has an angled shape, alternatively than coming straight down in excess of the tailgate. From the aspect, it presents the truck a rounder silhouette.

The Maverick is obtainable with a long checklist of components. Consumers can mount stuff to the roof like different measurements of cargo boxes and carriers for canoes, kayaks, bikes, and paddleboards. 

The Maverick goes on sale this tumble. Ford says that it by now has 100,000 orders for the smaller pickup. A ton of prospects are from California (in particular Los Angeles and San Francisco), Texas, and Florida. At launch, the automaker is prioritizing completing orders for prospects in excess of dealer allocations. It is also creating much less hybrid types than kinds with the EcoBoost motor.