November 28, 2023

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The Ultimate Driving Machines

Who will benefit from supply chain electrification?

“We’re viewing an acceleration,” explained Bernard Swiecki, director of the Automotive Communities Partnership, which maintains the database to aid states and communities monitor financial improvement chances in the auto sector. “And when you think about that the Biden administration is dedicated to EV technological innovation and CO2 reduction, we have to think the industry’s expenditure in that area is only going to raise. You have to ponder if people may well even be waiting around in the wings to announce a lot more assignments until they see how the negotiations in Washington stop up.”

Swiecki cautions that the billions of dollars going into EV factories and their new offer chains will not quickly be a windfall for the cities and regions that have utilized staff for the common auto sector of past generations.

“Several of the new work opportunities will take the location of current solutions and plant places,” he explained. “And a question we never know the answer to nonetheless is no matter if these new plants are going to search for decrease labor costs than the established plants. It is really not just a matter of ‘old UAW jobs’ vs . ‘new non-UAW work opportunities.’ It may well also be a question of new UAW work opportunities at a decrease wage amount.”