June 16, 2024

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W12 engine disappears for regular Bentley Continental GT in 2022

The non-Velocity variation of the Bentley Continental GT will not be readily available with a W12 engine in 2022. It’s going to be V8 only. CarBuzz observed the improve lacking on Bentley’s Continental Range site, and when the outlet put the issue to the English automaker, the remedy arrived back again, “GT Velocity and GT Velocity Convertible are the only way to get a Continental with the W12 for 22MY.” So finishes a thirteen-yr run of remaining ready to select how lots of horses and torques you wanted to pair with your leather-based and wooden.

We thought items have been unusual when Bentley priced the 2022 Continental GT Velocity coupe $50,000 over the preceding non-Velocity Continental coupe with the W12. That is about double the premium the Velocity has billed in the earlier even with making only 24 extra horses than the non-Velocity W12. Of system, that isn’t going to exist any extra so these types of comparisons are academic. 

At the very least the new Velocity has acquired a managing makeover that incorporates a Bentley 1st: an digital restricted-slip differential. The new equipment and their algorithms impart an enthusiastic liveliness at the stern end of the world’s most flamboyantly able heavyweight grand tourer. But the 2022 GT Velocity are not able to do anything at all that the old standard W12 GT couldn’t the Velocity is just extra pliant and talkative about it. And now it completely has four extra cylinders.

The regular Continental range now incorporates four versions — GT V8 coupe and convertible, and GT V8 Mulliner coupe and convertible — with the Velocity incorporating its individual hardtop and droptop duo. Bentley execs have frequently stated and hinted that they aren’t concluded with the W12, which acquired an all-new variation to electric power the Bentayga in 2015 CEO Adrian Hallmark known as it “correctly a new engine.” The automaker’s only acquired five several years to distribute it all-around, although, Bentley obtaining stated it will present a hybrid variation of all of its versions by 2026, and also obtaining stated it isn’t going to want to insert batteries to the W12 mainly because the engine — and the vehicle it powers — are presently weighty.

Our guess is that Bentley’s wanting up. There was a 2017 Continental GT Supersports with a W12 that made 700 hp and 750 lb-ft., which price tag $sixty,000 extra than the GT Velocity. A new Supersports with people mammoth numbers (or extra) and the latest Speed’s dynamic methods would make a could high-quality showcase.