It ought to be pointed out that the test vehicle operates 92/94 octane fuel. On its very first two operates the vehicle is tested in RWD config and in dyno mode. The figures: 469 hp and 434 lb-ft of torque. So it turns out that the vehicle didn’t make the manufacturing unit quoted power, while the formal figures are calculated at the crankshaft and not the wheels. It did defeat it really is marketed torque determine, by a wide margin.

Of be aware, a inventory F80 M3 would make 421 hp at the wheels (425 hp marketed), and a f80 with a stage 2 tune would make about 480 hp at the wheels on the same dyno. We’ll give it 5 seconds in advance of the G80 is presented with a hybrid turbo kit that pushes out about seven hundred hp. Chasing horsepower is as well simple these times.