The operator of the Roam Overlanding YouTube channel has had his Suzuki Jimny for a minimal in excess of a 12 months considering the fact that driving it off the showroom. In that time, he has turned the minimal off-roader into an overlander that’s capable of going on extended-length adventures all over Africa. In a new video, the owner provides an even-handed analysis of his rugged Suzuki. He points out what makes it excellent and the down sides of applying these types of small SUV for extended outings into the wilderness.

The main issue with applying the Jimny for overlanding is its dimensions, in accordance to this owner. The vehicle’s smaller footprint puts a unique limit on how a great deal a human being can haul. There’s more than enough space for a weekend of tenting, but it is really a packaging challenge to put all of the equipment into the device when going on a week-extended journey. 

At this point, the Jimny is continue to a relatively new motor vehicle on the market place, which indicates that that there is a minimal aftermarket. The absence of accessible updates indicates that the owner has to come out with custom made methods to these issues.

Outside of Japan, the Jimny uses a 1.five-liter motor creating one hundred and five horsepower (seventy eight kilowatts). According to the owner, additional electric power would be a welcome update for the motor vehicle. The gasoline tank is also instead smaller and this restrictions the full driving length. 

For the style of adventures that Roam Overlanding desires to choose, a greater motor vehicle looks like a requirement. The Jimny is a excellent off-roader, but it arrives with limits, like the absence of cargo capacity and vary.

Although it might not solve the issue with a absence of electric power, there are rumors of Suzuki introducing a greater, 5-door version of the Jimny. The even bigger dimensions would at the very least improve the cargo capacity so that it would be feasible to choose additional equipment on an adventure.