September 29, 2023

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Rivian sets bar high for electric pickups

I a short while ago bought a near look at Rivian’s futuristic Amazon van at perform in a suburban Detroit community. And final week, I spent around 45 minutes examination driving an early-manufacturing R1T around the Detroit region.

Here’s what I can notify you: Rivian has established the bar superior for all rivals. The R1T I drove, and a further a single I examined, stand tire-to-tire with any truck from Detroit or somewhere else when it comes to high quality of products, match and end, thoughtful characteristics and awareness to detail.

Driving at speeds of around 45 mph, you hear the significant Pirelli tires rolling over the pavement and a satisfying hum from the electrical motors, but that’s it. No wind or suspension noise, no rattles or squeaks. This amount of refinement is really tricky to achieve on a battery-electrical motor vehicle. On classic autos, the piston motor and exhaust mask many of these sounds. The R1T’s flat, steady dealing with is far more akin to a sports activities vehicle than a pickup.