February 22, 2024

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Porsche Explains Why The New 911 GT3 Is Faster Than The 2019 GT3 RS

“What it boils down to is that the Nurburgring has now mandated the use of the 20.832 keep track of configuration for any public lap time announcement (specially in the scenario of information) that a producer wishes to make, also mandating the employing of an impartial notary public to witness it – something that Porsche has now finished out of its have accord in advance of,” Wiesmann discussed.

So now there are essentially two “moments,” however only the for a longer time keep track of is formal. The new 911 GT3 done its benchmark ‘Ring lap time in excess of seventeen seconds a lot quicker than its instant predecessor “when evaluating on the basis of equivalent lap lengths.”

“This is why you can expect to see two lap moments (not just from Porsche) in far more the latest releases – one particular noting the 20.6 km keep track of duration to evaluate the lap time to historic ones, and the for a longer time configuration for formal bulletins,” Wiesmann extra. We never consider we’re the only ones now pondering how mad rapid the impending 992 991 GT3 RS is likely to be.