Acura carries on to deliver information in dribs and drabs relating to its forthcoming Integra, but each and every element shared is like a piece of a puzzle that helps provide a clearer picture of the product and what to anticipate from it.

The most recent bit of formal Acura information concerns the inclusion of a guide transmission in the product giving, which is guaranteed to make sure you driving enthusiasts. An impression and movie shared by the business reveal the shifter and part of the centre console of the product. The movie provides a swift pay attention of the audio of the motor, which hints at the existence of a turbocharged four-cylinder.

All of this really a great deal confirms what quite a few experienced firmly expected. New parts are duly placed in the puzzle.

2023 Acura Integra, rear portion

2023 Acura Integra, rear part

Speaking of parts, it’s turning into increasingly obvious the Prelude will borrow numerous of people from the new Honda Civic. And the motor we listened to is probably, if not definitely, the just one located below the hood of Honda’s compact auto. It really is effortless to picture the Integra remaining powered by the Civic’s 1.5L turbocharged four-cylinder motor, just as we can just picture a Style S variant of the new product integrating the Civic Style R’s turbocharged four-cylinder motor.

Let’s just say the puzzle parts are setting up to make a improved picture of the Integra. The existence of a guide gearbox helps make people motor selections even a lot more reasonable.

What will be distinct is the car’s styling, of training course, as well as the interior structure, which we’re guessing will be a lot more deluxe and richer with the Acura-badged product. For now, all we know is that it will be a five-doorway.

Hope a lot more tidbits and a lot more experiences on the a great deal-mentioned Integra, due to the fact Acura will of course want maintain the level of curiosity that the return of the vehicle is generating.

2023 Acura Integra, headlight

2023 Acura Integra, headlight