November 29, 2022

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New 2023 Mercedes-AMG CLE 63 spied during winter testing

Our spy photographers have noticed the all-new Mercedes-AMG CLE 63 going through wintertime testing in Sweden, in advance of its scheduled launch in 2023.

With rumours indicating that Mercedes may ditch the C-Course Cabriolet, this new fall-top rated model looks to bridge the tiny hole in between the C-Course and E-Class convertibles, and will sit at the major of the impending CLE array. 

Having observe of its bulging wings, larger air consumption and what appears to be a lowered trip height, we imagine that this is the efficiency-targeted CLE 63 product. It also sporting activities a short term twin-exhaust method, unlike on prior prototypes the place the suggestions weren’t obvious. In terms of electrification, there doesn’t appear to be a obvious charging port, nonetheless a single could be concealed beneath the camouflaged system.

Inspite of the new CLE utilizing the flexible MRA-2 platform (that underpins both the C-Class and S-Class models) and becoming able to accommodate a six-cylinder engine, it is possible the CLE 63 will have the very same hybridised turbocharged 2.-litre 4-cylinder motor as the future Mercedes-AMG C 63. 

This motor is mated to a 6.1kWh battery pack and a rear-mounted electrical motor that makes up to 201bhp. This established-up will allow for electricity outputs in excessive of 635bhp, while hope it to boast equivalent electrical power to the new BMW M4 Level of competition Convertible’s 503bhp. 

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