July 23, 2024

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Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 4MATIC Reviews | Overview

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STANDING some 122mm taller than its predecessor and boasting a 97mm greater seating place, at initial glance it would seem to be Mercedes-Benz has succeeded in producing the new GLA compact SUV more SUV-like as opposed to just remaining a jacked-up A-Class.


In the end however that is particularly what it is provided it even now rides on the exact same architecture as the relaxation of the compact portfolio and is run by the exact same acquainted range of engines.


Sticking with the topic of greater sizing, the new design is also 30mm wider, even though acquiring 30mm added to its wheelbase and 50mm to its front and rear tracks.


It is even so, 14mm shorter than the old design but Mercedes insists there is a lot more area inside of the cabin than right before.


To uncover out how the new design stacks up, we put in some time in the mid-range GLA250 4Matic, the variant Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific has singled out as the volume vendor.

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