September 26, 2023

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Mercedes-AMG Unveils Special One-Off GT3 Racer

Unsurprisingly, these one particular-off GT3 racers are not cheap. Pricing for the SLS starts off at 650,000 euros ($766,974), whilst the 2016 GT3 will established you back 500,000 euros ($589,967). The 2020 GT3, on the other hand, expenditures 575,000 euros ($680,000). All a few ’50 Yrs Legend of Spa’ GT3 vehicles are on display screen at Spa alongside a reproduction of the unique Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.eight AMG.

“The special editions recall one particular of the most crucial milestones in AMG’s corporate background. The 24-hour race at Spa in 1971 stands as an case in point for the spirit of our model: daring to take on the unachievable, overcoming troubles and convincing with general performance! I am very satisfied that we have been existing with our Shopper Racing Application in the Belgian stamina racing common devoid of exception because 2011. This yr, my joy is even larger as I will be on web page for the race myself. I am curious what the general public response to our special editions will be like. Technically and optically, they are highlights, there is no question about that. And the exclusivity of the a few vehicles is definitely amazing!”