June 16, 2024

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Kia previews 7 electric models it wants to offer by 2027 | Car News

Earlier this week we noted that Kia options to introduce a very first all-electrical auto subsequent calendar year, and that it would be the very first of seven entirely electrical designs to be rolled out by 2027.

Yesterday, the Korean automaker presented a very first image displaying the general outlines of the seven designs. Remember that the company has stated that by 2029, it wishes 25% of its worldwide gross sales to consist of all-electrical vehicles.

The primary detail we find out from this new image, of class, is the format of each of the upcoming EVs. The other working day Kia explained that the seven designs would each slide into a individual class. Supplied all this, we can extrapolate particular points then. For case in point, the image plainly shows SUVs on the left and automobiles on the correct and, it’s safe to say there is almost certainly a sporting activities car or truck in the bunch.

Kia is no newcomer to the electrical-auto area, of class. The automaker released its very first electrical-driven auto again in 2011, an electrified version of the Ray, and its current lineup consists of battery-driven versions of the Soul and the Niro.

Remember as well that the seven new designs in the works will be intended from the get-go as electrical-only designs, and won’t be derived by gas-motor designs. Right here Kia is subsequent the exact same tactic taken by Volkswagen, which chose to group jointly its entirely electrical designs beneath the ID banner.

It is nonetheless not regarded the specific branding tactic Kia will consider with its EVs. Will Kia make like sister-company Hyundai and build an all-electrical division? Stay tuned.

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The seven future all-electric models coming from Kia

The seven upcoming all-electrical designs coming from Kia