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Kia Niro EV long-term review, Part 12 | Car Reviews

Charging port for the Kia Niro EV

Charging port for the Kia Niro EV

Auto123 places the Kia Niro EV to the prolonged-time period test. Now, aspect 12.

These days I want to discuss about charging connectors. Charging nozzles, some folks contact them. Charging guns, some other people simply call them. Not the lethal weapon kind, of program, but somewhat the kind that gives daily life to your EV’s battery pack. The sort you see hanging from the side of every single general public charging station, or perhaps lying on the floor if the prior consumer was a slob.

The Cable Guy
Every Niro EV will come with a charging cable of about 12 feet in duration. At a person end, you have the a few-pin plug that goes into your dwelling outlet at the other conclude, you have the charging connector, or nozzle, or gun. In between the two, you have a box, which is an adaptor the cable runs by means of, and which regulates the voltage of the electrical energy.

For months now, I have been plugging the idea of the connector into the socket on the front of the motor vehicle. A basic press of the fingers and the doorway opens. The nozzle is shielded by a cap. Remove it and adhere the connector in the nose of the Kia.

It’s finest not to be shaking when you do this, or have had a couple of drinks. For the reason that the tip engages as very long as you align it flawlessly the slightest mistaken angle and it won’t function. Fortuitously, the deal with of the plug is equipped with a light-weight, really functional when you’re connecting your EV at night time.

At the time the link is protected, the Niro EV will make a couple of reassuring clicks, and the indicator lights on prime of the dashboard light up. A extremely fantastic indication! It indicates that charging has just begun.

That is, of study course, if the other end of the cable is plugged into a wall outlet. At my residence, which is a basic 120-volt domestic outlet. If the Niro’s 64-kWh battery is absolutely discharged, make confident you are geared up with the tolerance of Position, for the reason that charging the Niro EV to 100 p.c on a typical outlet will take you… 60 hours.

This type of charging is known as Amount 1. And while it is improved than almost nothing, it is only a little bit so.

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J1772 connector

You are going to be enthusiastic to know that Level 1 connector is poetically named J1772 (see graphic). It truly is offered on all EVs marketed in North The usa, with the exception of autos manufactured by Tesla, which never ever does nearly anything like every person else, but nevertheless delivers an adapter to its proprietors.

Critical apart: the cable on the Niro EV (and, for that make a difference, other EVs) ought to not be employed each individual day in the extended operate for all-electric autos. At the very least which is the belief of Yannick Lemelin, client support coordinator at BEQ Technology, a distributor and installer of charging stations (of numerous models), and quickly to be manufacturer’s agent (an vital announcement on that matter will arrive in the spring).

In accordance to Yannick, this cable should be viewed as a “spare tire” style of offer. He was tempted to say “jerry can” but he thought much better of it (perhaps calculating it wouldn’t do for someone in the electric mobility sector to use an expression taken from the petroleum domain!).

Confident plenty of, Kia itself refers to the default Degree 1 cable as an “occasional charging cable”.

Why? Due to the fact “intensive (ie, daily) use may guide you to have to swap it,” warns Yannick. “And because it can cost involving $1600 and $2800, depending on the maker…”.

Take take note, having said that, in the scenario of PHEVs (plug-in hybrids), day-to-day use of the manufacturer’s cable is not a issue.

CHAdeMO connector

A lot quicker be sure to!
Amount 2 charging occurs when you turn to 240 volts (like your stove uses) this is what you get when you have a normal charging station set up at household. Right here all over again, the J1772 charging connector does the occupation.

Then you come to Level 3, the quick cost readily available on community charging stations (DC quickly-charging methods, as opposed to the alternating currents of 120v and 240v shops). And on those people Level 3 stations, there are 3 styles of connectors or nozzles.

First of all, there’s the connector used in Tesla’s Supercharger community, which is at present reserved in North America for Tesla proprietors – whilst this could change following a European law that demands Tesla to make its charging stations available to all EVs.

Upcoming is the CHAdeMO connector (see picture) popularized by the Tokyo Electric powered Energy Enterprise. CHAdeMO stands for “Charge to Shift” or, as dubbed by Stellantis, a Charge’N’Go. If you travel an Asian-built EV (South Korea incorporated), you use the CHAdeMO nozzle.

Lastly, the CCS Combo nozzle (see impression), for Mix Charging Procedure, despite the fact that in some cases the letters SAE replace the acronym CCS. As the identify indicates, it combines Stage 1, 2 and 3 connectors.

All fast-charging stations include things like a CHAdeMO and CCS Combo gun. This way, all EV motorists can obtain pleasure at a station, regardless of the nationality of their car or truck.

One more matter value noting: “As soon as one of the two connectors at a station is activated, the other cannot be employed,” explains Yannick. In other text, a solitary public charging station only handles a solitary EV at a time.

CSS Combo connector

On the way to standardization
Because the CHAdeMo plug are unable to acknowledge electrical ability in surplus of 50 kWh, newer EVs are relocating absent from the CHAdeMo plug to the CCS Combo which can cope with up to 350 kWh.

In simple fact, for the sake of standardization, Asian automakers are now adopting the CCS connector. Even Nissan, a single of the key initiators of the CHAdeMO typical, has determined to equip its new Ariya with a CCS Combo plug. Which the Niro EV by now has.

“One working day, when all the pre-2020 Asian EVs have been taken off the highway, there will only be CCS left,” Yannick predicts.

If this reminds you of the wrestle between Betamax and VHS videocassettes, you might be of a selected age, but you’re also not by yourself. That explained, the similarity is only pores and skin deep. Beta was superior, in accordance to the authorities, but VHS won thanks to improved marketing and advertising. The war of the charging connectors is unique: “In the struggle in between CHAdeMO and CCS, you can’t say a person is far better than the other,” claims Yannick.

On the other hand, not all general public charging stations are born equivalent. As we will see up coming time.

The Kia Niro EV, charging, fig. 2

The Kia Niro EV, charging, fig. 2

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