November 29, 2022

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GT racing boss proposes Paris to Berlin rally for alt-fuel racers

Stephane Ratel heads the SRO Motorsports Group that organizes a full bunch of GT racing events like the 24 Hrs of Spa and the Intercontinental GT Problem. Aiming to open a further entrance for alt-gasoline racing like Components E has carried out for electric powered one-seaters and Intense E has carried out for electric powered off-roaders, Autosport reviews that Ratel is striving to place alongside one another a GTX Entire world Tour beginning with a revived Paris to Berlin event in 2023. The X in GTX stands for experimental, Ratel hoping to catch the attention of suppliers and gentleman racers who want to demonstrate off or love “the most technologically sophisticated cars powered by choice energies to petroleum” every little thing from the Porsche Mission R to hello-po roadgoing EVs like the Pininfarina Battista.

Realizing that battery technology is just not up to the duration of a common GT race, Ratel’s reboot of the 1901 Paris to Berlin road race would incorporate vacationer-attract spots in France and Germany with two competitive events for every working day in each and every host town. In locales this kind of as Paris, Reims, Strasbourg, Prague, and Dresden, drivers try to get quick jousts like acceleration operates, monitor racing, and hill climbs. Just after finishing these, autos would then be graded on their effectiveness as they make their way from host town to host town in buy to evaluate the day’s last rating — even though we are not certain how concept autos could contest this section of the action. A fleet of vans with fast-charging equipment follow the circus to hold every person topped up. 

On the way to the inaugural 7-working day event in 2023, Ratel programs a pilot, non-competitive event future summer time beginning in Geneva, Switzerland and ending in the principality of Monaco. He was coy on the prospects of automaker involvement, but instructed Autosport, “We have presented our thoughts to a fantastic range of suppliers and every person has listened politely, and there looks to be a possible interest.”

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