April 19, 2024

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Future Volvos will have real actual names | Car News

Volvo has generally employed alphanumeric names for its products. These days, we have the XC90 and V60, for example, but in the previous there were the PV544, P1800 and 240DL, and many more.

The Swedish automaker has just declared that it is undertaking absent with the observe. In long run, as in setting up now, new Volvo products will get true reside real names.  

“If you appear at vehicles these days, they all have XC, T8, AWD, double-overhead-cam — their whole requirements on the rear of many vehicles. Now, we’re talking about a new architecture, a single which is born electric and all electric. I assume it can be very good and very clear to mark that this is a new beginning. That’s why we’re not heading to have quantities and letters, an engineering variety of identify. We are heading to give vehicles a identify as you give a new child little one. We have a quite fascinating and imaginative dialogue heading on about this now.”

– Håkan Samuelsson, Volvo CEO, to Automobile Categorical

The government declined to elaborate on where Volvo plans to acquire its naming process.

Volvo XC40 Recharge

What ever strategy Volvo takes to naming its products, the transform will be sizeable. It seems the switch will begin with the following-generation XC90, expected to make its debut just before the conclude of 2022. Immediately after that, the corporation will emphasis on its core offering by launching an entry-amount model positioned beneath the XC40. At first, it was thought that that new model would undertake the XC20 identify, but with this new Volvo approach it is protected to say that is out the window.

What ever it is identified as, the auto ought to come with an all-electric powertrain and will likely be developed initially in China, so that it can be supplied at a more appealing price.

Volvo XC90