December 10, 2023

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Cyclists and pedestrians prioritised in upcoming Highway Code revisions

The Freeway Code is set to undertake a big shake-up that would give pedestrians and cyclists priority more than autos and other cars in a range of important instances.

Pedestrians at this time have priority more than autos only if they are by now crossing a road into which a auto is turning. The current code would prioritise pedestrians who have been waiting around to cross, mandating cars stop to enable them cross.

The Department for Transportation (DfT) is also proposing to introduce a “hierarchy of road users”, which would goal to “​​ensure those who can do the biggest harm have the biggest accountability to lessen the threat or threat they may possibly pose to other individuals.”

Cyclists would also be presented larger legal rights if the adjustments go forward, becoming presented right of way to undertake autos waiting around to turn still left into a side road, and also becoming authorized to overtake cars stopped on primary streets and waiting around to turn right. Passing distances and speeds for cyclists and horses would also be recommended and clarified.

The proposed adjustments to the Freeway Code are intended to promote strolling and cycling by building existence on the road safer for them, and they arrived about adhering to a consultation. Some respondents voiced fears through the consultation system, even so, that some of the rule adjustments could essentially maximize challenges in some instances, with cyclists and pedestrians most likely using larger challenges when motorists are turning still left, for instance, or want to cross streets

The DfT states it will now: “look at all the proposed adjustments afresh to take into consideration what amendments are essential to the proposed wording to consider account of the legitimate responses received”, after which an current Freeway Code will be published.

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