April 15, 2024

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Corvette C8 ‘Drag Pack’ Conversion On 15-Inch Wheels Is A Beast

LG Motorsports in Texas has a Chevrolet Corvette C8 that the company is turning into a dedicated drag racing equipment. The most recent action in that evolution is the very first conversion that puts the new ‘Vette on 15-inch wheels. The tuner has a video displaying off the setup.

If you’re asking yourself why LG Motorsports would ditch the inventory 19-inch wheels for these 15-inch items, the response is all about receiving a improved launch. Mickey Thompson drag racing tires with huge sidewalls wrap close to the wheels. When the fat transfers to the again when the driver accelerates off the line, the tires squash down generating a greater get in touch with patch. 

Just take a look at the other finish, in which LG Motorsports suits slender tires. For drag racing a rear-wheel-generate car, the objective is to lessen rolling resistance at the entrance. 

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LG Motorsports’ Corvette also has a nitrous system. A exam in March confirmed the auto jogging the quarter-mile in twelve.09 seconds. However, the electricity triggered a fifty percent shaft to split throughout the third operate. Since then, the company installed stronger items from Driveshaft Shope and included a tailor made exhaust. With these tweaks and the 15-inch wheel setup, we can not wait to see what occasions the auto is capable of.

Chevy was ready to establish just less than two,700 illustrations of the C8 Corvette right before the COVID-19 pandemic compelled the closure of the manufacturing facility. Still, the perform from company’s like LG Motorsports, Hennessey, and tons more point out that the product must have sturdy aftermarket support. No matter whether you’re wanting to tweak the looks, strike the keep track of, or go to the drag strip, assume there to be tons of options for modding the C8.