May 23, 2024

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Bonkers Porsche 911 GT3 Twin Turbo Has 800 HP And Is Getting More

If you want a bonkers twin-turbocharged Porsche 911, you purchase a GT2 RS, ideal? Wielding a three.8-liter flat-six with 700 horsepower (522 kilowatts), it’s one particular of the quickest road-authorized automobiles you can purchase and an absolute monster on a race track. By comparsion, the 520-hp (388-kW) GT3 RS is also a track superstar, and the soundtrack generated by its naturally aspirated four.-liter six at 9,000 rpm is borderline supernatural.

Edmond Mondi craved the GT3’s soul-stirring seem, but he required the thrust of the GT2. That brings us to the extremely vibrant 911 showcased in this current video from Shmee150, who frequented Mondi at his California-dependent shop to experience what is fondly identified as the TT3 RS.

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Certainly, it’s a GT3 RS with the four.-liter flat-six crammed guiding the rear wheels. The engine nevertheless has its thick thirteen.three:one compression ratio, and it nevertheless spins into the stratosphere. But there are a pair of seventy six millimeter turbochargers drive-feeding the engine to the tune of 800 hp (597 kW) at the wheels. That is substantially more than the GT2 RS offers, but Mondi strategies to bump it to 950 hp (708 kW) and he reckons the set up should really be superior for one,two hundred horsepower. And of course, it’s driven on the street. Monster, satisfy mega-monster.

As you can see, there are also a couple of aero upgrades to support get that electrical power on the floor. A spoiler more befitting a thing climbing Pikes Peak sits on the rear, with a radically custom splitter mounted under the bumper. Or relatively, it’s mounted exactly where the bumper would normally be – Mondi had to intestine the reduced fasica to make area for turbos, but that mod also presents us a very clear check out of the steamroller-spec rear tires.

Prolonged side sills and a entrance splitter with canards completes the aero variations, and according to the video, they do make a difference. Mondi suggests the car or truck can create three,500 kilos of downforce, which is sufficient to call for a custom suspension set up to hold the car or truck from actually digging into the floor.

What is it like to drive?  If the mad splash wrap on the exterior does not garner the attention of motorists and bystanders, the screaming exhaust observe unquestionably will. It’s also extremely quickly but in the video, it would seem surprisingly streetable as very well. The turbos give the GT3 RS enough very low-end electrical power which is missing from the inventory engine, a point that Mondi and Shmee equally seem to definitely adore in this custom develop.

Judging by the perma-grins glued to the faces of equally gentlemen throughout this 22-moment video, we suspect the TT3 RS definitely succeeds in its mission of combining the very best of equally 911 RS worlds.