When Lyndsay Tucker tells an unidentified incoming texter or caller that they have the wrong variety, the person on the other side doesn’t constantly imagine her. They believe she’s enjoying some kind of video game or only lying on behalf of the person he or she attempted to achieve: Elon Musk.

Just about each individual person who owns a cell phone has been on the receiving end of a call due to the dialing of a mistaken variety, but which is not what is actually taking place here. According to NPR, Tucker’s random texters have the ideal variety, it really is just old and no extended owned by Musk. 

“I requested my mom, ‘Hey, I preserve getting these text messages’ — and I was also now starting off to get cell phone phone calls — ‘for this male Elon Musk,’ ” Tucker mentioned. “‘I really don’t know who this is.’ And my mom’s jaw just dropped.”

The phone calls and texts started a few a long time back when AT&T assigned the beforehand made use of variety to Tucker. NPR suggests the variety was tied to one of Musk’s old condos in Palo Alto, California, and it has considering the fact that been spread all over the online as a call for Musk. Considering that Tucker took possession of the variety, she’s viewed an assortment of requests from an assortment of people today. One particular was from the IRS, another was someone inquiring to purchase one,000 Cybertrucks, and another sent a photograph of a Terminator-like hand with an expression of fascination in functioning jointly on bionics. When you can find controversy encompassing Musk, such as him tweeting that the Tesla inventory is way too higher, the variety of incoming texts and phone calls spikes. Even the writer of the short article as soon as texted Tucker wanting for Musk. 

NPR has presented screenshots of some of the conversations Tucker has had with different inquiring minds. Look at them all out and have a chuckle on NPR.

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