June 24, 2024

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This Porsche Cayman Had Its Engine Swapped For A Mustang Coyote V8

By no usually means was the Porsche Cayman 987 an anemic sporting activities motor vehicle. In reality, its more effective variation, the Cayman R, churned out up to 326 horsepower (243 kilowatts) and 273 pound-toes (370 Newton-meters) of torque, coming from a 3.four-liter flat-6 engine.

People pointed out quantities have been ample to catapult the 2nd-generation Cayman from a finish standstill to 100 kilometers for each hour (sixty two miles for each hour) in five seconds flat when geared up with a 6-velocity handbook gearbox. The rear mid-engined Porsche also tapped out at 282 km/h (175 mph).

If you thought all those general performance figures have been ample, another person from four several years in the past thought usually. That individual thought he desired more, and what far better engine to flip to than a 5.-liter obviously-aspirated Coyote V8 from a Ford Mustang.

Posted by Electric power By The Hour Effectiveness on Youtube in 2016 (embedded on top) and unearthed by Road & Observe, this Porsche Cayman acquired an engine transplant with a Mustang GT as its donor. It really is a insane thought and could very properly be provided in the list of most absurd engine swaps we’ve ever found – maybe 2nd only to the Cummins-driven Mazda RX-eight. Okay. Relaxed down. Breathe.

The engine transplant, of training course, intended that the V8 sticking out of the Cayman’s engine bay and air filter residing in the trunk. It even now labored, though, and the original poster of the video clip recorded a dyno looking at of 428 hp (319 kW) and 364 lb-ft (494 Nm) of twists at the rear wheels. Very amazing.

There’s just 1 problem, though. Without any engine covering (assuming the operator failed to trouble resolving that difficulty), it will have to have been chaos inside of although driving. Legend claims that the operator of this build was deaf or became deaf after a 7 days with the motor vehicle.

We’re kidding, of training course.