July 20, 2024

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New 3D Design Aero Kit for the G80 M3 Adds Some Subtle Aggression

New 3D Design Aero Kit for the G80 M3 Adds Some Subtle Aggression

The G80 BMW M3 is among the most aggressive looking sedans the brand has ever built. Its giant grille and flared fenders make it anything but subtle. However, if you want to make it look even sportier, without going too far overboard (which is easy to do), this aero kit from 3D Design could be for you.

What does the aero kit consist of? There are only a handful of items but they all contribute to making the M3 look different from every other. There are front canards, which sort of slice through the front air intakes, a lower front lip spoiler, new side skirts, a rear lip spoiler, a new diffuser, a rear trunk spoiler, and some upgraded wheels. All of the body parts (aside from the wheels) are made from carbon fiber. Being 3D Design, you can also trust that they’re going to fit perfectly and be made of the highest quality.

3D Design BMW M3 20 830x553

The wheels seen in these photos are 20-inch, five-spoke wheels that look great on the M3. The M3’s stock wheels are hyper aggressive, which makes the car seem a bit too fussy, but the simpler wheels really tones it down in a good way. It’s also lowered, on coilover suspension, which also aids the look. While that suspension is also available through 3D Design, it’s not part of this specific kit.

If you want to make your BMW M3 look sportier and more aggressive than every other M3 in your local car club, this might be the way to go. It adds some really nice carbon fiber touches, that work incredibly well with the car’s existing design, without making it look too boy-racer, as if it were something out of a Need for Speed video game. Plus, being 3D Design, you know you’re getting the highest of quality. And those who know will know.

3D Design BMW M3 5 830x553

This isn’t as extensive of a design upgrade as some other brands’ aero kits but that’s sort of the point of it. This new 3D Design kit is suppose to subtly upgrade the M3’s design with quality parts to make it seem sportier. [Source: 3D Design]