Lucid splits the Glass Cockpit into three segments the remaining aspect controls automobile features (window defrosters, light settings, and wiper settings), the heart portion reveals a litter-free gauge cluster, and the ideal spot retains navigation, media, and communications. The Pilot Panel homes the Air’s climate controls, but buyers can also swipe down from the Glass Cockpit to see more expanded in-depth controls for songs or navigation on the lower portion. There is even a storage spot concealed cleanly at the rear of the panel. Lucid says the conversation among the Glass Cockpit and Pilot Panel is seamless as if they have been a single massive screen.

Not only is the Lucid UX straightforward to use, but the American automaker says it is wonderful to appear at as effectively. The themes are styled to match Lucid’s dwelling condition of California and are coloration-matched to the materials and trims. There are some bodily controls as effectively, and every single a single went by means of in excess of 100 iterations of styles, weighting, damping, and detent placement to uncover the ideal tactile truly feel.