December 10, 2023

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Ken Block’s daughter Lia will learn to drift in Fox Body Mustang

Be geared up to increase Ken Block’s daughter, Lia, to the listing of people you’d like to be. Soon after all, what can be far better than having driving lessons from the Hoonigan himself? Well, as it turns out, Block himself discovered a way to major that by developing his daughter her quite own Fox Human body drift machine for her 14th birthday — and documented all of it on YouTube, of course. 

“The 90’s had been legendary for many motives, the style, the music, Z Cavaricci Trousers, but most importantly, the fall major 5. Fox Human body Ford Mustang,” Block’s video clip description reads.

“I needed to do anything exclusive for my daughter, Lia’s fourteen birthday. So we enlisted the assistance of 90’s icon and 5. aficionado, Vanilla Ice, to carry our Carcaine Impressed Fox Human body purchase up to 90’s scorching-boi spec. With a entire restoration from featuring suspension from Greatest Motorsports, Rotiform Wheels, Toyo Tires, Borla Exhaust, and a Scottidi angle Package the Carcaine Destiny Stang is prepared to occasion,” it claims.

Block then tweeted the build video clip alongside with a teaser from the guy himself. 

Block and the rest of the Hoonigan crew approached the task specifically the way a father and his pals really should: by acquiring a way to both equally anticipate his daughter’s educational requirements and completely embarrass her on the World wide web. By all accounts, they surface to have succeeded, and it has all been preserved for posterity in the YouTube video clip above. 

“Ken’s daughter, Lia, has a birthday coming up. We imagined it would be appropriate to give her a shock — anything she’s definitely, desperately going to need to have in the long run,” Zac “Chop Daddy” Mertens claims at the major of the video clip, prior to assisting Block introduce Lia to the completed Fox Human body build. “I hope you happen to be stoked,” Mertens claimed to Block’s daughter. 

“I’m frightened,” Lia replies, prior to Block even has the likelihood to display her the pre-recorded introductory message from the 1 and only Vanilla Ice.

The Hoonigan crew scored a “clapped-out” (their text) 5.-liter convertible from Colorado, drove it again to Salt Lake Metropolis, Utah, and immediately went to do the job turning it into a drift car or truck. The crew left nothing at all untouched, which includes the paint. What begun as a rough, sun-pale silver Fox Human body on its last legs was reworked into a gleaming white clone of Mr. Ice’s well known five-level-oh. 

Most of the build aspects are in the video clip, which is absolutely well worth a observe, and with Fox Human body values on the increase, the timing could not be a lot more great. Hey, immediately after enough time, probably even Vanilla Ice can be non-ironically awesome too? 

Nah, probably not.