February 21, 2024

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Hyzon lightens truck hydrogen storage

Hyzon lightens truck hydrogen storage
Hyzon-created hydrogen tank storage devices, for its gasoline mobile-run industrial cars

Hyzon Motors stated it had formulated a new onboard hydrogen storage procedure able of minimizing excess weight and producing charge of industrial cars run by hydrogen gasoline cells.

The patent-pending onboard storage integrates light-weight composite elements with the system’s metal frame. It has the likely to cut down the over-all excess weight of the procedure by 43%, storage procedure charges by 52% and the expected producing component count by 75%, primarily based on a one-rack procedure with ability to shop 5 hydrogen cylinders, the corporation stated.

In addition to minimizing the excess weight and charges, the new procedure can be configured to keep varying figures of hydrogen tanks. The smallest version can keep 5 and can be extended to seven since of its modular design and style. A separate version can keep 10 tanks, proper for vehicles driving for a longer period distances.

Although these configurations are mounted fully powering the cab, one more configuration lets for an additional two tanks to be mounted just about every side of the truck, extending selection with out minimizing trailer dimension.

Hyzon formulated the procedure in Europe and the US and plans to develop the new procedure at Rochester, New York, and Groningen, the Netherlands for use on its have cars throughout the world.

It also expects to license this new procedure to other industrial car businesses.

The engineering has been mounted in pilot vehicles in Europe and is expected to be utilized for all cars commencing in Q4 2021.