February 21, 2024

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How to Rent a Car in Saudi Arabia

How Much Is It to Rent a Car in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is a big place, and renting a car is an incredibly common way to get around. Thanks to this, most of the major rental companies cater to citizens, tourists and ex-pats too. Rental cars are often in high demand, which is why making a reservation is important. Renting a car in Saudi Arabia is a pretty simple process; let’s dive in. 

The Price

Before getting into the rental process, we first should discuss the expected price. The price of your rental will depend on several things. Firstly, it can fluctuate depending on where you rent the vehicle; for example, renting a car from an airport can be a little pricier. The model you choose to reserve will also have a huge effect on the price. The final biggest factor to affect the price of your rental is how long you need the car for. Obviously, keeping the rental for a longer period of time will cost more. 

The Rental Requirements

When renting a car, the requirements do vary a little between the rental companies, but most of the time, the basis of the requirements are as follows. Firstly, for the most part, you need to be male and between the ages of twenty-five and sixty-five in order to rent a car in Saudi Arabia, although some companies have lowered the age to twenty-three. Anyone younger or older than this may still be able to rent a car, but you will likely be subject to young or senior driver fees. Next, you obviously need to have a valid driver’s license – whether that is a Saudi license if you are a resident or a license from your home country. Some rental companies require an international driver’s license. As a rule of thumb, you will need to have held the license for at least a year, if not two, with no strikes against you. In addition to presenting a license, tourists or ex-pats will also need to present a passport, and residents will need to present their residence permit.

The Process

The rental process is actually pretty simple, as long as you meet the requirements and are able to present the right documentation as mentioned above. You can choose to rent a car once you get there if you are travelling there tends to be rental companies around the airport. Or you can book your rental online. Most companies allow you to choose a drop-off location which could be your accommodation if you are a tourist or your home if you are an ex-pat or a resident. Rent a car in Saudi Arabia with iYelo, who offers both short- and long-term leases, they also have a number of deals to peruse, and their 80-odd branches make it easy to drop off and pick up your rental. 


Arguably, the cheapest and easiest way to rent a car in Saudi Arabia is to make an online reservation. You can dictate the drop-off and pick-up time and location. Saudi Arabia was built for cars; it is the best way to travel around the state. When it comes to choosing a rental company, make sure you read the small print to ensure that you know what requirements the rental company imposes upon you and whether there are any fees that you could potentially be on the hook for.