September 29, 2023

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EBay Bans Sale of Aftermarket Emissions Defeat Components

EBay Bans Sale of Aftermarket Emissions Defeat Components

The tuning world has always had to adapt to changing laws and regulations, but the industry is grappling with tightening emissions regulations that have changed almost everything about how they can do business. Iconic Miata tuner Flyin’ Miata announced it would no longer sell completely converted cars or conversion kits because of the changes, and now eBay has banned the sale of emissions defeat devices.

Road and Track became aware of the changes at eBay through a private automotive Facebook Group, where a user detailed their experience selling a tuning device for Hondas. The sale ran afoul of eBay’s Emissions control defeat devices policy, which states that users cannot list “products that bypass, defeat or render inoperative emission-control systems.”

eBay’s ban covers hardware and software and includes language that bans components like modified ECUs, off-road exhausts, and more. The company’s information page says that it has the policy because it “helps our buyers and sellers follow government regulations,” but in reality, eBay could face thousands in fines for every sale it allows. 

The EPA notes that its initiative focuses on “those who manufacture, sell, or install aftermarket parts known as defeat devices.” Though it will fine entities it finds in violation of its policies, the EPA may allow a rollback of fines for companies that take voluntary action to remove products from their business. 

[Image: User Bob Korn via Shutterstock]

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