September 28, 2023

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Chevy Corvette C8RR Widebody Kit Adds Another Half Foot Of Width

Sigala Designs is ready to give the current Corvette a much more aggressive look with its C8 RR widebody kit. The upgrade includes 32 pieces, and the company is charging $14,995 to get the components in fiberglass or $24,995 in carbon fiber. Sigala can even install the pieces for customers who are near the business’ shop in San Diego, California.

Sigala’s kit adds a total of six inches of width to the Corvette’s body – three inches on each side. There’s also a massive front splitter that juts out from the lower edge of the fascia. A resculpted hood gains several vents. The front bumper is extended to attach to the broader fenders.


The enlarged, front fenders have vented sections. The new side sills are separated into two sections, including a smaller piece behind the front wheels and larger ones with upturned ends at the rear.

The tail has a massive wing that is angled rearward, and there are winglets on each side of the decklid. A new rear diffuser has a sharp shape and a step that conceals the upper part of the exhaust pipes.


Sigala also replaces the roof with a piece that has more prominent raised areas on each side. They lead to tiny vents on the rear of the panel.

The overall effect of the body kit is certainly visually striking. It’s up to personal taste, though, whether this sharp-edged, heavily-vented design matches the owner’s style.

The company already has a website accepting pre-orders for the widebody kit. Deliveries should begin this fall.

If you would prefer a more aggressive Corvette straight from the factory, Chevy is just starting to tease the new Z06. Rumors suggest the model uses a naturally aspirated V8 with dual overhead camshafts and making around 617 horsepower (460 kilowatts). The Z06 debuts this fall and should go on sale in 2022.