Bentley revealed its Continental GT3 Pikes Peak car or truck to us before this year, but was limited on motor particulars. That left us primarily curious, as Bentley foreshadowed lots of modifications and a assure that it’d operate on a renewable biofuel. Of class, more electric power than regular was expected.

Currently, all the particulars of this wild Bentley are accessible. Its 4.-liter twin-turbo V8 motor will make “more than” 750 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque. Which is a 100 horsepower maximize over the most powerful avenue variation of the Continental, the Continental GT Pace.

How’d Bentley do it? For starters, Bentley started with the GT3 race variation of its 4.-liter V8, not the avenue variation. But Bentley went to city on this race motor for Pikes Peak anyway. It has new pistons and connecting rods, furthermore the raise is turned up to two.two bar with larger turbos. The carbon fiber intake manifold is reinforced and manufactured thicker than the regular one. As well as, one-off exhaust manifolds manufactured from Inconel alloy by Akrapovic are fitted. The exhaust finally exits via pretty limited pipes just at the rear of the entrance wheels. Not pretty Bentley-like.

Cooling is reinforced by a secondary cooling procedure positioned in the rear of the car or truck. The rear windows are traded for air scoops that channel air by way of a second radiator, exhausting warmth by way of ducts in the trunk lid. It all operates off a focused secondary drinking water pump. Yet another improve you’ll obtain at the rear is a new driveshaft with a larger diameter for superior durability.

The biofuel Bentley takes advantage of is termed 98RON Renewable Racing Gas, and Bentley says it is “a focused blend of sophisticated biofuels exclusively intended for motorsport, and is a technological stepping stone to sustainably-produced eFuel with a greenhouse fuel reduction of up to eighty five%.” Bentley didn’t say what the emissions reduction was for this certain biofuel in the Pikes Peak car or truck.

When it will come to dealing with, Bentley says it has noticeably modified the GT3 setup. It is functioning considerably more camber in entrance and rear. Softer springs and anti-roll bars had been fitted to allow more overall body movement and increase bodyweight transfer for braking (hold in thoughts all your braking will be carried out while likely straight uphill). As well as, the brakes themselves are newly drinking water-cooled to deal with the extreme masses that this hill climb will put on them.

You can check out out for Bentley’s try at a history on June 27, a day that will mark the 99th functioning of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.